Relax, Renew, Recover

At High Country Massage our treatments are specifically tailored to suit each individual's needs, often using a combination of techniques during each session. We will work with you to help your muscles restoration and achieve your peak performance. Every mind and body can benefit from regular massage to keep you functioning at your best.


A gentle smooth treatment that relaxes & calms the mind & body.


Eases muscle pain, helps repair damaged tissue & improves overall wellness.


The treatment & prevention of sports related injuries & sore muscles.

Hot Stones

Sends soothing heat into the muscles promoting healing & reducing tension.


Increases circulation and facilitates healing.


A gentle massage that encourages the movement of lymph around the body reducing swelling.

Appointment Times & Prices

30 min

45 min

75 min

90 min

60 min

120 min

Remedial Hot Stone Fusion

60 min

90 min

120 min

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